Thursday, March 12, 2009

Frequently asked question..

1) Any financial aids for this program?
Yes, but for Bumiputra only. (MARA Loan)

2) After finished from this program where can we apply a job?
Any MRO-Part 145 (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) aviation company.

3) Can we use EASA license in Malaysia?
Yes, but certain aviation company want us to have DCA license, therefore, we must
for apply for license conversion from DCA. Approval of conversion is subject to
DCA discretion.

4) Who can sign our maintenance schedule (experience logbook)while we working in the
Technical Engineering Personnel of EASA Part 145 or the holder of EASA Part 66 license engineer.

5) If i failed any module during the 2 years in UniKL MIAT, what happen?
You are allowed to resit the examination of the module, after 30/90 days of the first examination and pay the examination fee.

6) What is the different between EASA licence holder and Aircraft Engineering Degree?
Licence holder is allowed to sign the aircraft for airworthy.
Degree holder without the licence is not allowed to sign the aircraft for airworthy.


  1. What happen after the last module in UniKL-Miat, and we fail the exam, during that time we doesnt complete the the repeat test what would happen? Do we getting the cerficate yet?

  2. Starting from the first examination module (M1 exam - i.e Feb 2008) you have up to 5 years (Feb 2012) to clear all your modules. If not you will loose your privileges of 2 years experience requirement. At the end of your study, you will be given a certificate that shown the passed module only.

  3. I'm an indonesian,i would like to know about your EASA program.I'm about to complete my diploma in mechanical engineering

  4. My son plan to take the B2 (Avionics) in UK. He is 18. What do you think? Should he take the diploma course in UniKL first before continuing the B2?

  5. Currently I'm pursuing my National Diploma In Aerospace Engineering (Aircraft Maintenance) with Emirates Aviation College in Dubai.Had completed my 1st year, another 1 more year to complete ( 2 yrs course). Can I continue with MIAT for my 2nd yr, or I will have to restart again from 1st yr.

  6. Hi, I am working as a maintenance engineer in automotive industries for 13 years. can i apply for this course?

  7. if we fail the final exam,how much we hv to pay if we want re-sit that exam?

  8. i get courses DIPLOMA OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY IN HELICOPTER MAINTENANCE so where i can job after i out form miat

  9. from where does the easa papers come ??
    is it from CAA...??

  10. hello...I'm 18 years old...spm 2013...when I can apply to unikl MIAT??